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United Republic of Tanzania Country Programme Evaluation

This country programme evaluation is the second one carried out in the United Republic of Tanzania by the Independent Office of Evaluation of IFAD. It covers the partnership between IFAD and the Government from 2004 to 2014.

The stronger case of effectiveness and impact has been the support to the Agricultural Sector Development Programme (ASDP) in the mainland and, even more, in Zanzibar. In line with national decentralizations policies, local government authorities, particularly districts, were the actual "implementers" of the programme. ASDP introduced a more participatory, "bottom-up" system for preparing local agricultural development plans.

Non-lending activities such as knowledge management, partnership development and policy dialogue have been developed only to a limited extent. On the positive side, partnerships with the Government (mainland and Zanzibar) and the main donors in the agricultural sector have dramatically improved in the past ten years. However, lessons from project experience have not been captured adequately, and the objectives for policy dialogue have been ambitious compared to the limited resources available.




15 September 2015