Agricultural Investments and Services Project

The most relevant achievement of the Agricultural Investments and Services Project in the Kyrgyz Republic was the advance made with the pasture reform. In particular, the project contributed to improved and more equitable access to pastures by livestock farmers and herders, based on a combination of an enabling legislative framework (following the passing of the Pasture Law), broad-based inclusive social mobilization, local capacity-building activities and support to pasture infrastructure. While the achievements to date serve as a good basis for sustainability, it is important to continue with awareness-building and capacity-building at community level to empower them to nurture and enhance the pasture quality more proactively. The project also made significant contribution to improving veterinary service delivery and reduction in animal and zoonotic disease incidence. However, the country's veterinary services still lack necessary capacity and mandate clarity. Without more decisive commitment and sufficient budget allocation by the Government, benefits generated by the project could be lost.


10 March 2016