National Programme for Rangeland Rehabilitation and Development

The IFAD-supported National Programme for Rangeland Rehabilitation and Development performed poorly during its first years and suffered as well from the socio-economic complexity and environmental vulnerability of rangeland management in the Badia. Nonetheless, it achieved several results overall: a national pastoral resources information monitoring and evaluation unit was established, water harvesting and conservation structures were constructed and a few protected areas were established. The project impact was however limited - some savings on supplementary feeding and water availability for the flocks - because of drought and issues of land use rights, and also because of serious implementation delays and poor participatory rangeland management.

The assessment recommends adopting a holistic approach to the sustainable rehabilitation of the Jordan rangelands with carefully planned long-term bottom-up approaches and setting up an enabling policy environment aiming to ensure the viability of herding within the overall context of national food security. The report also suggests defining thorough implementation strategies for IFAD-supported projects that include oversight mechanisms for rapid corrective measures when needed.



14 May 2012