IFAD’s engagement in middle-income countries - An evaluation synthesis

As decided by the Executive Board in December 2013, IOE prepared an evaluation synthesis on IFAD's engagement in middle-income countries (MICs). The evaluation synthesis had two key objectives: (i) generate lessons and insights on opportunities and challenges for IFAD's engagement in MICs; and (ii) identify issues for further reflection on the strategic directions, priorities and instruments for IFAD's engagement in MICs in the future.

As an important step in the evaluation process, IOE organized a learning workshop on this topic on Thursday, 3 April 2014. The event was attended by close to 90 participants, including IFAD staff and representatives from FAO, WFP, CGIAR and SDC. The keynote speaker was Dr Ajay Chhibber, Director General, Independent Evaluation Organisation, Government of India, and former World Bank Country Director in Turkey and Viet Nam. Other guest speakers at the podium were Mr Stanlake Samkange, WFP Director at the Policy, Programme and Innovation Division, and Mr Kevin Cleaver, former Assistant Vice-President, PMD.

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Rome, IFAD Headquarters, Italian Room