Argentina Country Programme Evaluation: National Roundtable workshop

In collaboration with the Government of Argentina and the Latin America and Caribbean Division, the Office of Evaluation organised a national roundtable workshop as a key final step in the Argentina country programme evaluation. Around one hundred participants attended the event from federal and provincial governments, project staff, representatives of producers organisations, donor organisations, and others.

IFAD was represented by the Associate Vice President (Programs), the Director of the Latin America Division, the General Counsel, the CPM for Argentina as well as staff from the Office of Evaluation including the lead evaluator for the country programme evaluation. The IFAD delegation also had the opportunity to visit an IFAD-funded project (i.e., the PRODERNOA) in Tucuman on 28-29 June, and hold discussions with beneficiaries and their groups involved, among other activities, in bee-keeping, poultry rearing, and sugar cane development. Bi-lateral meetings were held with the federal Argentinean Minister of Agriculture and Governor of Tucuman province.

In terms of next steps, the evaluation's Agreement at Completion Point is now being prepared and the country programme evaluation will be discussed in the Evaluation Committee planned on 8 October 2010. The below links provide additional information about the workshop.

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