Nepal Country Strategy and Programme Evaluation – National Workshop

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development of Nepal and the Independent Office of Evaluation of IFAD (IOE) in close collaboration with IFAD's Asia and the Pacific Division, are co-organizing a national workshop for the Country Strategy and Programme Evaluation (CSPE) conducted by IOE in the course of 2019, as a final step in the evaluation process.

The national workshop will take place on 19 December 2019 in Kathmandu, Nepal, and will bring together representatives of the Government, IFAD Senior Management and project management staff of IFAD-funded projects and programmes covered by the CSPE, non-governmental organizations, private sector, and international development organizations.

The main objectives of the national workshop are to:

  • Discuss the main findings, conclusions and recommendations from the CSPE;
  • Provide inputs for the preparation of the evaluation’s Agreement at Completion Point (ACP); and
  • Discuss the opportunities and challenges of the future partnership between IFAD and the government of Nepal, taking into account the country context, as well as IFAD’s corporate context.

An IFAD delegation will undertake a field visit to the former High value agricultural project in hill and mountain areas and the current Agriculture Sector Development Programme, in the Karnali Province, Surkhet District, prior to the workshop.


Kathmandu, Nepal