Roots in Kalikot and Rukum, Nepal – Credit-based cooperatives' support to rural populations

Languages: English, French, Spanish

Nepal is a landlocked country with a rich diversity of ethnicities and cultures and home to Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world. In this episode Roots visited the Western Uplands Poverty Alleviation Project in the Mid-Western Region of Nepal and spoke with beneficiaries about the changes the project has brought in their lives.

Pankha Bahadur Hamal and Prem Kala Sahah live in Kalikot, an area characterized by harsh climatic conditions, geographic isolation and high food insecurity. They tell Roots how the IFAD-supported project helped them improve the irrigation system and obtain some loans to start their own businesses. Not far from them, in Rukum, Sita Pun started to conduct commercial agriculture, generating more income to support her family.

For more information about the evaluation objectives, methodology, process, timelines, and key questions, please read the approach paper.