Climate Action Report 2020

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Climate Action Report 2020

This third edition of the IFAD Climate Action Report (CAR) describes the efforts that IFAD has made during the year to integrate climate change into every aspect of its plans and operations. 

Special focus is placed on the integration of climate change into national strategies, screening projects for climate risk through Social, Environmental and Climate Assessment Procedures (SECAP) and developing tools to improve project design and implementation.

The 2020 CAR also reports on the new investments that IFAD has channelled towards climate-focused activities through its programme of loans and grants (PoLG), and the supplementary funding that IFAD has mobilized from other sources for climate action projects. It also gives a brief overview of some of the results and performance ratings that have been achieved through the first phase of the Adaptation for Smallholder Agriculture Programme (ASAP1), IFAD’s flagship programme for channelling climate and environmental finance to smallholder farmers, and through other projects. 


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