The Germany-IFAD partnership

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The Germany-IFAD partnership

With small-scale farmers and rural people – especially women and youth – at the heart of their strategies for achieving a world with no hunger (Sustainable Development Goal 2), Germany and IFAD’s partnership priorities are to:

  • make small-scale farmers and local food systems resilient to shocks;
  • achieve food and nutrition security, particularly in Africa and in fragile contexts;
  • establish equitable and sustainable food systems that are resilient to shocks;
  • promote socially equitable climate action and compensate local rural communities for the ecosystem services they provide;
  • create opportunities for rural youth employment, through the promotion of inclusive agrifood value chains – in partnership with private investors.

IFAD leverages the core resources it receives from Germany through its regular replenishment: every euro that Germany contributes to IFAD delivers a pro-poor total investment equivalent to EUR 6.