Investing in rural people in Indonesia

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Investing in rural people in Indonesia

Over the last 40 years, IFAD and the Government of Indonesia have invested more than US$1 billion in rural people to strengthen inclusive and environmentally sustainable economic growth. IFAD concentrates on helping small-scale producers and marginalized groups become more resilient, join supply chains, and access services, technologies and finance. Its projects have been successful in the most remote and vulnerable areas of the country – the areas that usually also have the highest incidence of poverty.

IFAD’s current results-based country strategic opportunities programme (2016–2019) aims to support inclusive rural transformation so rural people can achieve sustainable livelihoods. The Fund works to achieve this by providing financing and technical support to develop models for replication and scaling-up by the government and other parties. The emphasis is on empowering marginalized groups, including small-scale farmers and fishers, women and women-headed households, marginal communities and ethnic minorities, and youth.

IFAD’s future investments will contribute to ensuring that:

  • small-scale producers can participate in remunerative agricultural markets
  • small-scale producers and their families are more resilient to risks
  • rural institutions can deliver services that respond to the needs of small-scale producers.