Investing in rural people in Papua New Guinea

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Investing in rural people in Papua New Guinea

The goal of IFAD’s country strategy is to support the Government of Papua New Guinea in reaching its objective – achieving broad-based, inclusive growth by improving the incomes, food security and resilience of rural women, men and youth – through innovative models that build on the country’s rich potential, support equitable partnerships with the private sector and preserve natural resources.

IFAD’s strategy is to improve the livelihoods of small-scale farmers by increasing production volumes and quality, and to improve access to markets, technologies and services in order to increase farmers’ share of value added.

This strategy is implemented mainly by establishing productive partnerships between small-scale producers and agribusinesses, supporting extension efforts, and contributing to policies and institutions that aid the development of inclusive value chains. To this end, IFAD supports efforts to strengthen institutional capacity and coordination, and to build public-private partnerships in the coffee, cocoa and fresh produce sectors.

The target group for IFAD’s work in Papua New Guinea is small-scale farmers and producers, with an emphasis on women and young people.

IFAD-funded projects in this country support vulnerable groups through:

  • development of market opportunities
  • income generation in rural areas
  • participation in partnerships across sectors
  • strengthening of extension services.