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ODI ASAP Progress Review

This Progress Review (PR) evaluates the status of IFAD’s Adaptation to Smallholder Agriculture Programme (ASAP) at programme mid-term, 2.5 years after the first ASAP-investment has been approved by the IFAD Executive Board.

The objectives of this review are:

  1. To assess the programme from concept and design to current results and potential impact;
  2. To assess ASAP’s relevance and effectiveness in incentivizing and achieving climate integration in agricultural investment programmes;
  3. To assess ASAP’s efficiency overall, with a particular focus on comparative analysis of disbursement rates of similar climate funds;
  4. To assess ASAP’s implementation to date;
  5. To outline the options for improving the second programme period of ASAP, ensuring sustainability of IFAD’s climate mainstreaming mechanisms beyond 2018; and (vi) To identify lessons learned and recommend follow-up actions for improving ASAP.


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