Toolkit: Strengthening smallholder institutions and organizations

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Toolkit: Strengthening smallholder institutions and organizations

November 2014

The “Strengthening smallholder institutions and organizations toolkit” provides valuable guidance to help practitioners analyze and address issues related to smallholder institutions and organizations during the devopment of country strategies and in the design and implementation of programmes and projects.

The toolkit is composed of the following documents:

  • Teaser: introduces IFAD's approach to supporting smallholder institutions and organizations and highlights some of the challenges, opportunities and experiences that have come to light over decades of working with them.
  • How To Do Note - How to analyse and strengthen social capital: guide design and country teams in conducting an initial analysis of organizations and their capacity development needs at the project design stage. It provides a conceptual framework and practical suggestions and tools to help practitioners systematically collate and summarize information captured during design missions
  • How To Do Note - How to support community-based commodity organizations: examines parameters affecting how smallholder farmers engage with business to maximize new opportunities.
  • How To Do Note - How to support community-based finance organizations: designed to improve understanding of different types of community-based financial organizations and the support structures they need to best serve remote poor rural communities.
  • How To Do Note - How to strengthen community-based natural resource management organizations: defines the types of  community-based natural resource management organizations (CBNRMO) that manage or co-manage common resources and identifies basic principles to consider when providing support to create or strengthen an operationally sustainable CBNRMO.
  • Lessons learned on Strengthening smallholder institutions and organizations
  • Scaling up note: Smallholder institutions and organizations: describes how smallholder organizations can potentially generate socio-economic benefits for large numbers of poor people.


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