Research Series 83: The future of farming: who will produce our food?


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Research Series 83: The future of farming: who will produce our food?

Achieving zero hunger means food systems must deliver nutritious diets for all. These systems must be sustainable—providing farmers with sufficient livelihoods while protecting natural ecosystems. Concurrently, the economic viability of farms is coming into question, while changing patterns of land ownership, rental, and exchange mean that the concept of what a farm is becoming increasingly fluid.

In this report, we highlight past trends and explore possible future trajectories of smallholder farming to predict who the farmers of the future are. Smallholder farms will remain an important source of food and income, and a social safety net in the absence of alternative livelihood security. Therefore, pro-poor policies and investments are needed to stimulate small-scale agriculture and rural development.


Ken E. Giller; Jens Andersson; Thomas Delaune; João Vasco Silva; Katrien Descheemaeker; Gerrie van de Ven; Antonius G.T. Schut; Mark van Wijk; Jim Hammond; Zvi Hochman; Godfrey Taulya; Regis Chikowo; Sudha Narayanan; Avinash Kishore; Fabrizio Bresciani; Heitor Mancini Teixeira; Martin van Ittersum


Giller, K. E., Andersson, J., Delaune, T., Silva, J. V., Descheemaeker, K., van de Ven, G., Schut, A. G. T., van Wijk, M., Hammond, J., Hochman, Z., Taulya, G., Chikowo, R., Narayanan, S., Kishore, A., Bresciani, F., Mancini Teixeira, H., van Ittersum, M. 2022 “The future of farming: who will produce our food?” IFAD Research Series 83. Rome: IFAD