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Investing in rural people in Egypt
October 2019

Egypt is IFAD’s largest recipient of financial assistance in the Near East and North Africa. It was one of the first countries to receive IFAD financing.

IFAD funding contributes to the reduction of rural poverty and the enhancement of national food security. It supports settlement of land reclaimed from the desert in Lower (northern) Egypt and for productivity improvements in the Old Lands in the Nile valley and Upper Egypt. In its efforts to help reduce poverty, IFAD seeks to bring about more sustainable use of natural resources, promote climate-smart strategies and leverage opportunities from growing private-sector involvement in agriculture.

Key activities include:

  • strengthening the technical skills and organizational capacities of poor rural men and women so they can benefit from rural on- and off-farm economic opportunities
  • enhancing sustainable use of natural resources, especially land and water
  • improving the access of poor rural farmers to better services, including technology, finance and markets.