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Research Series Issue 26 - Exploration of a methodology for assessing the impact of policy engagement. What impact and how to assess it?
June 2018

Policy engagement is a difficult activity to accurately monitor and evaluate, particularly when development agencies are interested in attributing impact to their efforts. This study has three objectives:  

  • to review the experience of a small number of purposively sampled IFAD Country Level Policy Engagement activities in four countries in the Asia and Pacific Region (India, Indonesia, Nepal and Vietnam) and analyze their impact;
  • to identify the key factors that have contributed to these results and those that have limited success, drawing out lessons for future policy work; and
  • to propose a credible, cost-effective and replicable methodology that can be used to undertake similar exercise at country and regional level.

Findings shows that the methodology offers a credible, cost-effective and potentially replicable approach to appraising policy impact both for IFAD and also for other development agencies conducting policy engagement.


Anna McCord, Ed Heinemann (IFAD) and Lauren Phillips (IFAD)