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Research Series Issue 33 - The impact of the adoption of CGIAR's improved varieties on poverty and welfare outcomes: A systematic review
December 2018

This paper examines the impact of agricultural research on poverty and welfare by conducting a systematic review of experimental and quasi-experimental impact evaluations of improved varieties disseminated by CGIAR between 2007 and 2015. The analysis focuses on the adoption of improved seeds, and specifically yield-increasing varieties, examining their direct causal impact from uptake on crop productivity gains, increased income and poverty reduction. The paper finds that agricultural research and improved varieties have been effectively contributing to productivity gains, however more efforts are needed to improve the evidence base to validate the positive impacts and encourage donors to invest in this area of agricultural research.


Alessandra Garbero, Pierre Marion, Valentina Brailovskaya




Garbero, A., Marion, P., and Brailovskaya, V. 2018. “The Impact of the Adoption of CGIAR'’s Improved Varieties on Poverty and Welfare Outcomes: A Systematic Review.” IFAD Research Series 33. Rome: IFAD