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Research Series Issue 41: The demography of rural youth in developing countries
December 2019

Rural youth populations shift over time and help shape future demographic patterns while impacting the options for states to achieve demographic dividends and reduce gender inequalities.

Building on United Nations data, this study analyses how past growth of the youth population was dramatic in Asia and the Pacific, while projections suggest a sharp rise in the youth population of sub-Saharan Africa until 2050. 

A primary concern to raise the demographic dividend is efforts involve women in key agricultural roles so that female productivity increases. Indeed, large proportions of rural youth, of both sexes, lower dependency ratios and raise the urgency of accumulating human capital to increase their productivity.


Guy Stecklov, Ashira Menashe-Oren




Stecklov, G., and Menashe-Oren, A. 2019. “The demography of rural youth in developing countries.’’ IFAD Research Series 41. Rome: IFAD