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Research Series Issue 56: The impact of migrants’ remittances and investment on rural youth
December 2019

In an increasingly globalized world community, rural international migration is often characterized by engagements or links that migrants establish with their home countries through transnational economic and social activities. 

This study analyses how migrants positively contribute to the sustainable economic development of rural youth in their countries of origin.

Transnational engagement activities include money transfers in the form of family remittances, philanthropy, entrepreneurship, capital investment, homeland goods consumption and knowledge transfer. Youth are doubly disadvantaged compared to adults in rural areas and to their urban counterparts.


Manuel Orozco, Mariellen Jewers




Orozco, M., and Jewers, M. 2019. ‘’The impact of migrants’ remittances and investment on rural youth.” IFAD Research Series 56. Rome: IFAD