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Grant Results Sheet: Strengthening capacity to assess the impact of tenure security measures on IFAD-supported and other projects within the SDG framework
October 2020

IFAD partnered with the Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) and UN-Habitat to conceptualize and develop gender-responsive and fit-for-purpose tools and approaches to evaluate the impact of land tenure and governance interventions.

The project set out to achieve the following specific objectives: (i) contribute to the development and use of guidelines for assessing, measuring and reporting the impact of secure tenure on poverty reduction and food security in IFAD-supported and other projects and programmes; and (ii) improve the knowledge and awareness of IFAD partners, IFAD-supported project and programme staff, GLTN partners and other partners of such guidelines for measuring the impacts of tenure security. More than 200 experts were trained to use the guidelines, thus a global community of practice around this topic.