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The Austria-IFAD partnership

September 2023
Austria and IFAD are committed to building a more sustainable, inclusive and resilient future and to jointly eradicating poverty and hunger around the world.

Scaling gender and climate investment opportunities

September 2023
This paper finds that investing in rural women helps achieve climate goals, while simultaneously addressing gender inequality and poverty.

The France-IFAD partnership

September 2023
France and IFAD share a commitment to ending poverty and hunger through sustainable rural development. Both place smallholder farmers and rural people at the centre of their agenda and recognize the crucial role of agriculture to increase food security, reduce poverty and mitigate climate change.

Rapid Evidence Assessment: The role of smallholder producers and small and medium-sized enterprises across the Food Systems Summit action tracks

September 2023
This Rapid Evidence Assessment summarizes the role of smallholder producers and SMEs across the five Action Tracks associated with the Food Systems Summit 2022.

Investing in rural people in Sri Lanka

September 2023
Altogether, IFAD has implemented 19 projects in Sri Lanka, benefiting 654,832 households at a total cost of US$654.57 million (with IFAD providing US$340.49 million in financing).

Draft Report for Feedback: IFAD13 Replenishment Report

September 2023
The draft IFAD13 Replenishment report reflects the discussions of IFAD’s Member States held throughout the IFAD13 Consultation process, including in defining priorities, targets, and commitments to guide IFAD's work during the IFAD13 period, from 2025 to 2027.

Youth and Jobs in The Era of Climate Change, Conflict and Crisis: An Evidence and Gap Map

September 2023
This evidence and gap map (EGM) plots studies on the effectiveness of interventions for youth employment in developing countries in the context of climate change, conflict and crisis, demonstrating where evidence exists and where it is lacking.

INSURED Indonesia Country Update: Making climate risk insurance available to small-scale producers

September 2023
IFAD’s INSURED programme has been working with partners in Indonesia to improve the availability of climate risk insurance that enables farmers to strengthen their resilience.

China-IFAD South-South and Triangular Cooperation Facility Project Factsheets

August 2023
These factsheets highlight the achievements of 9 projects.

Digital solutions for rural development: STARLIT case studies

August 2023
The Strengthening Agricultural Resilience through Learning and Innovation (STARLIT) project in Rwanda and Kenya used two digital tools to accomplish its goals of training smallholder farmers in good agricultural practices and of strengthening the capacity of saving and credit cooperative organizations (SACCO).

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