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IFAD Research Series No. 88: The Impact of Climate Change on Livestock Production in Mozambique

March 2023
This paper focuses on activities targeting improved pasture management, supplemental feed sources and livestock value chain development.

PIRAS Country Update: Samoa

February 2023
PIRAS supports COVID-19 food system and economic recovery. In it, PIRAS supports food production, post-harvest handling and market access.

The enhanced Adaptation for Smallholder Agriculture Programme (ASAP+)

February 2023
This brochure provides an overview of ASAP+, which is expected to be the largest fund dedicated to channelling climate finance to small-scale producers.

Frontier technologies for securing tenure: A review of concepts, uses and challenges

February 2023
This publication, based on a review of 20 publications and 13 expert interviews, showcases the frontier technologies used in land tenure projects, as well as the associated benefits and challenges.

Financing Facility for Remittances Knowledge Products

February 2023
Since its inception in 2006, IFAD’s Financing Facility for Remittances (FFR), has produced a large number of publications and information material with global outreach. This pamphlet aims to provide the reader with a quick overview of each, with a link to the dedicated webpage.

Indigenous Peoples and the United Nations' Rome-based Agencies working together to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

February 2023
Achieving a Zero Hunger world (SDG 2) is at the heart of the mandates of the three Rome-based UN agencies: FAO, IFAD and WFP.

Assessment of the performance of the fifth Indigenous Peoples Assistance Facility cycle: Summary

February 2023
This assessment reviews the performance of regional partners and documents the results of Indigenous Peoples Assistance Facility (IPAF) funded projects between 2018 and 2021.

Development of Irrigation Infrastructure: Technical Note

February 2023
This note provides an overview of how IFAD-supported irrigation projects are designed and outlines the steps to achieve the full potential of irrigation development.

Evidence review on behavioural change in developing countries: Approach paper

February 2023
This review examines which interventions are effective in promoting environmental and development outcomes from individuals, households, communities and companies, and how effective efforts have been to date.

How to carry out a rapid diagnostic for agricultural and climate risk insurance: Who to talk to, what questions to ask, and why

February 2023
Insurance can help build resilience for small-scale producers – an urgent task in today’s high-risk world.

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