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Climate Action Report 2022

December 2023

This report presents the results of IFAD’s climate-focused finance and shows how IFAD combines up-to-date, robust knowledge on climate and sustainable agricultural development with easy-to-access financial mechanisms.

Supporting Rural Livelihoods Amid Rising Global Fragility: Learning from the effects of the Ukraine conflict in the southern African development community

December 2023

This policy note takes stock of government responses to the impacts of the war in Ukraine on food, fertilizer and food.

White Paper: An integrated investment framework for climate-adaptive and water-resilient food systems

December 2023

This white paper, produced by IFAD and the NDC Partnership, emphasizes the need for integrated investments in climate-adaptive, water-resilient food systems, addressing challenges, discussing case studies, outlining barriers and providing recommendations for a new financial execution model.

Rwanda: Climate-Resilient Post-Harvest and Agribusiness Support Project (PASP)

December 2023

The Climate-Resilient Post-Harvest and Agribusiness Support Project pioneered the Participatory Integrated Climate Services for Agriculture (PICSA) model which combines weather data with farmers’ knowledge to enhance their decision-making.

Nicaragua: Adapting to Markets and Climate Change Project

December 2023

The Adapting to Markets and Climate Change project influenced national policy for early warning and climate information for coffee and cocoa.

Angola: Agriculture and fisheries transforming rural lives and livelihoods

December 2023

IFAD and the Government of Angola are working together to promote better and more diverse livelihoods for Angolans through rural and agricultural development. These projects and programmes create job opportunities, improve food and nutrition security, increase market access, build capacity, empower women and build rural people’s resilience.

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