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Effectiveness of Life Skills Training Interventions for the Empowerment of Women in Developing Countries: A Systematic Review

December 2022
This systematic review evaluates the effectiveness of life skills training programmes for empowering women in developing countries.

Interventions for Women's Empowerment in Developing Countries: An Evidence Gap Map

December 2022
This evidence gap map (EGM) visualises the areas in which most research on effective interventions for women’s empowerment is concentrated—and where there are gaps.

Effectiveness of life skills interventions for the empowerment of women in developing countries: Protocol for a Systematic Review

December 2022
This protocol for the systematic review details the methods used in the meta-analysis.

Evidence Review on the Effectiveness of Interventions Promoting Women's Empowerment in Developing Countries: Approach Paper

December 2022
This approach paper describes the strategy for data collection and analysis and the contours of the evidence gap map and systematic review.

Stock-taking exercise on Livestock Farmer Field Schools: East and Southern Africa

December 2022
This report reviews and documents lessons learned from livestock farmer field schools in four IFAD-funded projects that applied this approach in Madagascar, Malawi, Rwanda and Tanzania (Zanzibar).

PIRAS Country Update: Solomon Islands

December 2022
PIRAS supports COVID-19 food system and economic recovery. In Solomon Islands, it works across 30 communities to support sustainable food production, to improve nutrition, and to strengthen inclusive local value chains.

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