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The Belgium-IFAD partnership

November 2023

The Kingdom of Belgium is a founding member of IFAD and has been a key partner to the Fund since its inception, shaping its strategic directions and sharpening its focus in support of the most vulnerable rural areas, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, where more than 50 per cent of IFAD’s resources are invested.

Promoting youth engagement in Northern Montenegro

November 2023

This policy brief, based on the lessons and experience of the Rural Clustering and Transformation Project in Montenegro, describes how engaging youth in agriculture requires an enabling environment.

Uganda: Transforming rural economies for a better tomorrow

November 2023

IFAD is working with the Government of Uganda to increase the income of rural households living in poverty and improve their food security and resilience.

Women transforming rural areas in Northern Montenegro

November 2023

Montenegro’s Rural Clustering and Transformation Project highlights the imperative of integrating rural women into decision-making processes at all levels. This policy brief underscores the importance of enhancing rural women's education, training and job access.

Viet Nam: Country Technical Note on Indigenous Peoples’ Issues

November 2023

This report aims to provide the most recent information on the issue of Ethnic Minorities in Viet Nam in terms of the general situation, poverty reduction, impact of COVID-19, Government policies and programs as well as such as NGOs, ODA and IFAD in Viet Nam.

Investing in rural people in Uganda

November 2023

This factsheet outlines IFAD’s strategy to reduce poverty in Uganda while improving their food security and reducing their vulnerability. It also outlines ongoing operations in the country.