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Investing in rural people in Haiti

September 2022
IFAD is a key partner in Haiti’s rural development. Its series of strategies, projects and programmes since 1978 testify to its long-standing commitment against rural poverty, with the active participation and inclusion of the Haitian rural population.

Enhancing identity verification for refugees in Uganda

August 2022
This note focuses on the challenge of verifying refugee identity in Uganda, outlining the current issues at stake and the rationale for solving this challenge and potential solutions for doing so.

Investing in rural people in India

August 2022
IFAD has been working in India for more than 40 years. The current country strategic opportunities programme is fully aligned with the government’s policy framework.

Stories of Resilience: Rural India in Pandemic Times

August 2022
This publication documents some of these examples stemming from IFAD-supported livelihood projects in the most remote and fragile parts of India.

Agri-SME Finance: Navigating volatility in the wake of the war in Ukraine

August 2022
This learning brief summarizes the challenges, opportunities, and responses of agri-SMEs, financiers and development partners to the current food crisis.

Financial Management e-learning course

August 2022
This course covers key Financial Management (FM) aspects, with focus on IFAD-specific project FM requirements. The course provides key information on FM aspects and strengthen the skills of FM professionals.

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