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Empowering rural women with Agroecological Logbooks

07 September 2021

The video presents the main results of using the Agroecological Logbook methodology in projects supported by IFAD in Brazil, with the support of the Semear Internacional Programme. It throws light on the large economic contribution of female farmers to the family income.

The data is from August 2019 to February 2020, when 879 rural women from the semi-arid region used the tool. Apart from showing the economic contributions of women farmers, it also highlights the diversity of cultivated products.

Agroecological Logbooks have been used in the semi-arid region of Brazil as a tool for the empowerment of rural women. The logbooks were created so women can easily record their production consumption sales exchanges and daily donations from all of the produce from their properties. The logbook provides important insights into the woman's role in the family economy and values the knowledge of these female workers.

This video outlines the steps involved in implementing the logbooks and how they are used.