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Chef Cracco on how jackfruit is helping rural people in Sri Lanka adapt to climate change

12 April 2022

Jackfruit is a large, nutritious fruit that is easy to grow. It is versatile and is an easily available substitute for hard-to-find ingredients. One ripe jackfruit alone can feed an entire family for several days. Carlo Cracco, one of Italy’s most famous chefs, is helping IFAD promote jackfruit as a way to adapt to climate change in rural Sri Lanka.

The chef, who is renowned for his innovative take on traditional recipes, travelled to Sri Lanka to see how this native crop is helping local people feed their families. Unpredictable weather patterns and extended droughts mean farmers struggle to grow enough food. This hardy fruit provides a reliable source of proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates and can replace many staples, like rice, that require a lot of water to grow.

Through IFAD-funded projects, local people in Sri Lanka are learning about the benefits of jackfruit, not only for their nutritious value, but also as a source of income.

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