Appointment of the President of IFAD

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Appointment of the President of IFAD

Under the direction of IFAD’s governing bodies, the President of IFAD is responsible for conducting the business of the Fund and for organizing its work. The President is the chairperson of the Executive Board, whose membership consists of representatives of IFAD’s Member States.

The President of IFAD has the same rank as the elected heads of other major United Nations specialized agencies. S/he is a Member of the United Nations Chief Executives Board, which is chaired by the UN Secretary-General, and which guides the coordination of the work of the UN system as a whole.

The President of IFAD is appointed for four years with a two-term limit of eight years. The current President of IFAD is Mr Gilbert F. Houngbo.

In accordance with the Agreement Establishing IFAD, the Governing Council of IFAD will appoint a new President at a special session on 7 July  2022. The elected President will take office on 1 October 2022.

Nominations of candidates for the President of IFAD are put forward by Member States of the Fund and must be received by the Secretary of IFAD by midnight, 6 May 2022, Rome time.

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Member States to nominate candidates for next IFAD President

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