How improved nutrition can save the world - with Italian celebrity chef Cristina Bowerman and RAI TV presenter Luca Rosini

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How improved nutrition can save the world - with Italian celebrity chef Cristina Bowerman and RAI TV presenter Luca Rosini

What: Why women are key to better nutrition and global poverty eradication – an event organised by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) at the Perugia International Journalism Festival.

When:15:00-16:00, Saturday, 6 April 2019

Where: Centro  Servizi G. Alessi, Perugia

Who: Cristina Bowerman, award-winning Italian celebrity chef, Luca Rosini, journalist and presenter of Uno Mattina in Famiglia on RAI Uno, Linda Dorigo, photographer, journalist and film producer, and IFAD's nutrition and development expert, Antonella Cordone.

The Story: Improved nutrition targeted at young women can reduce poverty. But it's not enough to look at improving what they eat. We must also focus on guaranteeing respect for their rights and those of future generations.

In order to prevent malnutrition from being passed to the next generation, we need to improve the nutritional status of adolescent girls. This cannot be done through better nutrition alone, but can be achieved by working in areas such as education, water, sanitation and hygiene, increasing young women's access to resources and empowering their economic independence in order to delay marriage and pregnancy.

At this event we are asking Italian celebrity chef Cristina Bowerman, leading Italian journalists Luca Rosini and Linda Dorigo, along with IFAD's Antonella Cordone, how focusing on young women can do so much more to push forward our efforts to eradicate global poverty.



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