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ShareFair of geospatial tools and applications for climate investments

09 November 2021

As changing climates affect farming conditions across the world, how can geospatial and remote sensing tools help IFAD and others decide on where adaptation investments are best needed and what impact these interventions will have? This question was the central theme of the ShareFair - a virtual ideas marketplace – that IFAD organized on 9 November 2021 as part of the COP26 climate summit. The event featured twenty geospatial tools and applications for climate investments. The recordings of the ten breakout rooms can be found below. The event was opened by representatives from the Government of Indonesia, IFAD’s Senior Management, the Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations and the European Space Agency.


Breakout rooms

Room 1

  1. GeoTech4Tenure: Course for participatory GIS land recordation and mapping. Harold Liversage, IFAD
  2. Global Agro-Ecological Zoning platform: The future of crop production. Gianluca Franceschini, FAO

Room 2

  1. Earth Map: Tool for complex land monitoring.  Alfonso Sánchez Paus Díaz, FAO
  2. Resilience design and monitoring tool. Francesco Ajena, IFAD

Room 3

  1. GeoM&E: Systematic integration of GIS in monitoring and evaluation. Athur Mabiso, IFAD
  2. Hand-in-Hand Geospatial Platform. Karl Morteo, FAO

Room 4

  1. Trends.Earth: Tool for tracking land change. Tom Kiptenai, Conservation International
  2. GeoScan: Spatial data country profiles. David Hughes & Lyubomir Filipov, IFAD

Room 5

  1. GeoAdapt: Climate vulnerability assessment tool. Michelle Latham, IFAD & WFP
  2. SEPAL: System for earth observation and analysis for land monitoring. Yelena Finegold, FAO

Room 6

  1. Nepal: GIS-supported, community-based adaptation planning. Binod Prasad Devkota, Asha Project
  2. Central Asia: Building pastoral communities’ climate resilience. Carlos Domenech, GMV

Room 7

  1. Targeting people vulnerable to climate change in Latin America. Jose Caceres Martinez, IFAD
  2. Supporting resilient food systems in sub-Saharan Africa. Everline Ndenga, Conservation International

Room 8

  1. Addressing climate concerns in project design. Renaud Colmant, IFAD
  2. Kyrgyzstan: Community mapping of pastures. Erik Zheentaev, ARIS & Nagima Alimbekova, APIU 

Room 9

  1. Yemen project design: Overcoming COVID-19 and conflict constraints using GIS. Giancarlo Pini, WFP
  2. Rwanda: Uncovering the impact of climate and weather variables on coffee. Athur Mabiso, IFAD 

Room 10

  1. Sierra Leone: Fighting fires with rice paddies. Asti Asoka, IFAD
  2. Lesotho rangeland health dashboard. Tor-Gunnar Vågen, World Agroforestry Centre