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Statement by AAAID to IFAD's 27th Session of the Governing Council

Statement of H.E. Abdul Kareem Mohammad Al-Amri
President of Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development (AAAID)

Rome, 18-19 February 2004

Mr Chairman,

Allow me first to express our gratitude and appreciation for inviting the Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development (AAAID) to participate in the Twenty-Seventh Session of the Governing Council of IFAD.

I would also like to take this opportunity to commend and praise the role played by IFAD in taking the lead and assisting in the efforts of fighting poverty and helping the rural poor.

As you may know, the Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development was established more than twenty five years ago, as an Arab Inter-Governmental organization.

Its mandate is to contribute in the efforts of enhancing food production through a dual role of investment and development in the agricultural sector.

We believe that the AAAID's association with IFAD will certainly promote the efforts to reach our objectives.

I would like also to seize this opportunity to express our satisfaction with the wealthy association between the AAAID and IFAD and looking forward to further developing this partnership.

The theme chosen for this session is very important because of the strong association between trade and rural development. An indeed the paper presented on this subject is a comprehensive one. It contained very relevant and constructive ideas and as such it deserves our appreciation and thanks.

It emphasised very important conclusions among which the necessity to enhance the competitiveness of the rural poor, to be able to benefit from any integration in the trade system. And in this regard, we are pleased to put forward the following points:

First, we suggest that, as part of its efforts to mobilize resources for rural development, IFAD explores the possibility of establishing a mechanism of cooperation with regional development funds.

We also propose that the future partnership of IFAD with the private sector be enlarged to include other welfare organizations working in rural areas.

Third, AAAID recently succeeded in introducing a new agricultural technology to the region and adopting it to small farmers in the rainfed areas. This technique proved its success in achieving high level of productivity for small farmers and consequently enhancing their competitiveness.

We are seeking IFAD support to disseminate this technique to reach other farmers in the region and outside.

Thank you.