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Statement by Bae, Jaehyun Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the International Organizations, Embassy of Republic of Korea

Honorable Chairperson,
Distinguished governors,
Ladies and gentlemen,

It's my great honor to address at the IFAD Governing Council on behalf of the government of Republic of Korea, and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to IFAD for organizing this event.

Hunger, poverty and global food security are some of the most difficult challenges faced by the world today. Since its establishment, IFAD has been successfully playing its role in promoting agricultural productivity for the world's poorest, thereby improving food security.

I expect that this thirty-seventh session of IFAD's Governing Council will have meaningful discussions under the theme of Investing in smallholder family farmers for the future we want.

Honorable Chairperson, and distinguished governors,

These days, knowledge sharing is emerging as a new paradigm of development cooperation in addition to financial and technical support. Korea successfully transformed itself from a low income aid recipient to an OECD member in just two generations. It is an emerging donor country with unique experience to share. When Korea started its transformation out of poverty, it was an agricultural economy with over 80 percent of its population engaged in agriculture. Through successful land reform, development of agricultural cooperatives and implementation of sustainable agricultural technologies, Korea has achieved equitable and inclusive economic and social growth.

To share experience of Korea's successful agricultural reforms with the international community, Korea launched a pilot program called "Korea Agricultural Policy Experiences for Food Security". The project has already shown meaningful progress in many countries around the world.

Korea understands that we can reach out to more rural poor through an effective and stronger partnership with IFAD. To this end, Korea doubled its replenishment contribution from IFAD 7 to IFAD 8, and further increased our contributions in IFAD 9. In addition, Korea supports a Supplementary Fund project titled "Technology as a Development Solution using ICT". Korea will continuously expand cooperation with IFAD through exploring innovative ways of expanding development financing and knowledge sharing.

I would once again like to convey my sincere appreciation to IFAD for organizing this event and look forward to further reinforcing our partnership to eliminate poverty and improve food security around the world.

Thank you for your attention.