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Statement by Mr. Zhang Zhengwei, Deputy Permanent Representative, Board Director

Mr. Chairman,
Mr. President,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my great pleasure to attend the Thirty-seventh Session of IFAD's Governing Council,and exchange views with you on the issues of global poverty reduction and agricultural development. On behalf of the Chinese Governor, H.E. Mr. SHI Yaobin, the Vice Minister of Finance, I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to IFAD for its effective efforts in promoting global poverty reduction, as well as its continuous support to China's rural development and poverty reduction.
The world has achieved a lot in the past decades to meet MDGs. However, agricultural development, food security and nutrition, poverty alleviation are still the top priorities for the post-2015 development agenda. This calls for international organizations, including IFAD, to fulfill their mandates and adopt more targeted and inclusive measures to help developing countries. In this regard, I would like to make the following three observations:
First, encouraging IFAD to play more influential and inclusive role in global poverty reduction and agriculture development. IFAD must be more financially capable and strategically flexible to address the global challenges. The upcoming IFAD10 replenishment is a good opportunity for all the member states, particularly those donor countries, to provide their support to and show their confidence in IFAD. Such support can be demonstrated in terms of not only increasing financial support, but also providing effective policy guidance to encourage IFAD to explore more innovative financing mechanism. IFAD should further strengthen its engagement with all recipient member states, including lower-income countries, middle-income countries and fragile and conflict-affected states.

Second, deepening knowledge cooperation and South-South Cooperation to strengthen development experience sharing. IFAD should strengthen its efforts in accumulating and disseminating relevant experience on agricultural development and poverty reduction, and aim at becoming a world leader and think-tank for smallholder agriculture development. IFAD should take concrete measures, including a clear strategy, effective institutional arrangements and sufficient resources, to vigorously promote experience sharing, mutual assistance and cooperation among developing countries, and build an important multilateral platform for South-South Cooperation in agricultural development and rural poverty reduction.
Third, fully utilizing its comparative advantage and enhancing development effectiveness and efficiency. With limited resources, IFAD should achieve more if it focuses on the areas where it has comparative advantage, such as directly working with smallholder farmers, rural organizations, and governments; promoting agricultural technology transfer, rural youth employment, rural micro financing, value chains with market access, climate change adaptation, and particularly strengthen rural infrastructure investment. We also believe that IFAD should maintain the current reform momentum, actively fulfill its commitments and make real efforts to increase development effectiveness and institutional efficiency. At the same time, IFAD should adapt to the changing situation to improve its governance structure; deepen human resource reform, and increase the representation of developing countries.
Mr. Chairman, despite the achievements in development and poverty reduction, there are still more than 120 million people living under the poverty line in China. At present and in the coming years, the Chinese government will continue to regard agriculture, rural and farmer's development as well as food security as top priorities. We are willing to further strengthen our cooperation with IFAD and learn from advanced experience and innovative practices to promote China's poverty reduction. Meanwhile, we will continue to support the reform and long-term development of IFAD, and through mutually beneficial mechanism such as South-South Cooperation, to jointly promote the course of the global poverty reduction.

Thank you!