Consultation on the Eleventh Replenishment of IFAD`s resources

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Consultation on the Eleventh Replenishment of IFAD's resources

During 2017, IFAD Member States have been meeting regularly in Rome for Consultations on the Eleventh Replenishment of the Fund's resources (IFAD11).

IFAD provides concessional loans and grants to finance agriculture and rural development projects across the developing world.

Every three years, the resources of the Fund are replenished by Member States. Members’ replenishment contributions are then combined with loan reflows and IFAD's investment income to finance the next three year programming cycle. IFAD11 will cover projects approved in the period 2019-2021, and will be implemented over the following 5-7 years. 

To increase its impact, the Fund mobilizes co-financing from national governments, international partners, the private sector, and the project participants themselves. Since 2014, the Fund has also used borrowing to leverage members' contributions and make more efficient use of its capital.

With almost 2 billion rural people depending on some 500 million smallholder farms in developing countries for their livelihoods, IFAD's work fills an important role.

Seventy-five per cent of people in extreme poverty live in rural areas and investment in agriculture has been shown to be up to 11 times more effective in reducing poverty than investment in other sectors.

At the same time, small-scale farmers are the world's largest group of local food producers. Investments in sustainable and climate-smart farming methods will support them as they play a fundamental role in feeding their communities, and delivering a range of global public goods.

How the IFAD11 process works

IFAD’s Replenishment Coordination Committee (RCC) works on ensuring an effective preparation and management of the replenishment process.

Among its main functions are:

  • the strategic guidance on IFAD replenishments;
  • production of official replenishment papers and documents; and
  • the organization of the consultation sessions.

The RCC and its Secretariat also serve as a platform for informal consultations between IFAD's management and Membership throughout the replenishment process.

First Session. Management presented on the progress made by IFAD at the end of the first year of the ongoing replenishment (IFAD10, 2016-2018) and on the completion and final achievements of the previous replenishment (IFAD9, 2013-2015). At the first session the Membership discussed and agreed upon the themes to be considered at future sessions of IFAD11.

Second and Third Sessions. The focus of the consultation will be on strategic issues, objectives and the results measurement framework that shall guide IFAD during IFAD11.

Fourth Session. Management will present the final report on the Eleventh Replenishment of IFAD's Resources based on feedback from comments received from Member States, and will present the draft resolution that will go to the Governing Council.  Member States will also agree on the target for the IFAD11 Programme of Loans and Grants and be invited to announce their pledges to IFAD11.