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Italian top chef Carlo Cracco cooks a “Recipe for Change” on World Environment Day

18 March 2016

The theme of this year's World Environment Day, which falls on 5 June, is sustainable lifestyles. So, to celebrate the occasion, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) partnered with Italian celebrity chef, Carlo Cracco, to bring attention to the impact that climate change is having on many of the world's traditional foods.

Participating in IFAD's Recipes for Change campaign, where top chefs raise public awareness by cooking foods that are being threatened by climate change and show how IFAD is working with farmers in developing countries to help them adapt, Cracco visited the Highlands of Eastern Morocco in March.  There, he took part in an episode of Recipes for Change, and saw first-hand how changing conditions are affecting Moroccan truffles – a key ingredient in many traditional dishes.

Adaptation is key for smallholders

By releasing the episode on World Environment Day, IFAD aims to raise awareness about what can be done to help small-scale farmers adapt to climate change. In Morocco, for example, an IFAD-supported project is working to stop the desert advancing. Collaborating closely with local communities and the United Nations Industrialization Development Organization (UNIDO), the project is promoting sustainable management of natural resources by reintroducing indigenous plants, fencing areas to stop grazing and building micro dams for water collection, in an area extending over 3.5 million hectares.

"Climate change is a fact," said Cracco. "Perhaps we can slow it down, but we cannot stop it. So we must help those people who work to recuperate the land, so that there is a change in the way we fight the battle of climate change."