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Senegal: IFAD invests in opportunities

16 July 2018

The number of international migrants worldwide is growing at a faster rate than the world's population, reaching 258 million in 2017. Every day thousands of people leave their homes in search of a better life.

Despite the significant benefits of migration, there can be many challenges facing migrants away from home – and limited opportunities at home.

Returning migrant Pape Samba Diane talks about how opportunities in his home village in Senegal encouraged him to return home from Italy. He, and others like him, heard about the an IFAD-supported project that helped them grow better produce and connect them to local markets.

Like Pape, also Pathe and Birane left their village in the pursuit of a better life, but they returned home and benefited from the same IFAD-supported project. Read their stories.

IFAD is investing in opportunities so that migration is a choice and not a necessity.

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