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AgTalk – Seaweed Power

27 April 2016

On the island of Zanzibar, the sea had always been a man's domain. But researcher Flower Ezekiel Msuya says things started to change when local women unleashed the commercial potential of seaweed.

5 April 2016Fifteen years ago, women on Zanzibar island off the coast of Tanzania did not leave their homes alone. They could do nothing without asking permission from their husbands.

Change came from a surprising place – the sea. When they saw an opportunity to earn their own income from farming seaweed, women wanted to grab it. But the sea is a man's domain and it was a struggle to get their husbands to agree.

In IFAD's latest AgTalk, researcher Flower Ezekiel Msuya tells the audience that fifteen years later, these women are earning well. Some have even bought new fishing boats for their husbands. Now they are facing the next challenge. An increase in sea temperature is destroying the seaweed. Now these women need to find a new way to farm.

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