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Prosperity or the planet? Luckily, they're not mutually exclusive

February 2024 - BLOG

All too often, value chain development harms the planet by emitting carbon and degrading environments. That’s why to build truly prosperous rural areas, we must make value chains not just strong, but sustainable.

When it comes to measuring water security, lived experiences matter

January 2024 - BLOG

Water stress is growing around the world. To effectively tackle it, a new approach assesses not only whether water infrastructure is available and working, but also whether it is meeting the needs of the people who rely on it. 

Why camelids are key to a better future in Bolivia and beyond

January 2024 - BLOG

Why has the UN declared this year the International Year of Camelids? IFAD’s Country Director for Bolivia, Daniel Anavitarte, explains why you should care about these extraordinary mammals – and why they’re key to sustainable rural development in South America and beyond.

Investing in a better future: A new day dawns, and we have reasons for hope

December 2023 - BLOG

When climate and natural disasters strike, it’s rural people who are worst affected. Investing in their resilience ensures that they not only endure times of crisis, but emerge stronger. Associate Vice-President of Programmes Donal Brown explains how rural communities can change the world for the better.

IFAD at COP: Raising the voices of rural people

November 2023 - BLOG

Follow IFAD's journey at COP28, as we showcase efforts towards sustainable agriculture, climate resilience and food security, and raise the voices of rural people all over the world.


Investing in a better future: Near East, North Africa, Europe and Central Asia

November 2023 - BLOG

The Near East, North Africa, Europe and Central Asia is a dynamic region faced with many challenges. We caught up with Regional Director Dina Saleh to find out how rural people are coping with the realities of conflict and climate change and to understand why the right investments now can make all the difference later.

Investing in a better future: West and Central Africa

October 2023 - BLOG

West and Central Africa is as intricate as it is vast. We sat down with Regional Director, Bernard Mwinyel Hien, to better understand the region’s strengths and challenges.

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