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IFAD in the Blue Economy: Is this a game changer?

January 2019 - BLOG
"Blue Economy" is the new buzzword in the international sustainable development agenda. But what is it and where does it fit in IFAD's development work?

Why we should care about vulnerable coastal communities

January 2019 - BLOG
Approximately 40 per cent of the world’s population lives within 100 kilometers of the coast, and overall the world’s coastal population is increasing fast.

Blockchain: a plus for smallholder farmers?

November 2018 - BLOG
Imagine that instead of redistributing wealth through governments, we could instead change how wealth is distributed to begin with.

Food loss reduction: a solution to global hunger?

October 2018 - BLOG
One of the greatest challenges facing humanity today is how to feed an ever growing population.

Let's give smallholder livestock farmers of the developing world a chance

October 2018 - BLOG
In developed countries, many people are cutting their meat consumption driven by health or animal welfare concerns or a wish to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Rethinking mobility - how to respond to opportunities in a changing world

October 2018 - BLOG
Rural people often migrate seasonally with their herds, or to join the harvest in other districts.

What does the evidence say about the expected benefits of rural land tenure security?

September 2018 - BLOG
Improving farmers' land tenure security is expected to have many economic, social and environmental benefits.

Why smallholder farmers are the key to combating global warming

August 2018 - BLOG
This summer in the northern hemisphere has been characterised by unusually high temperatures and wildfires in many countries.

The Rural Solutions Portal: IFAD’s web platform to leverage South-South and Triangular Cooperation for better livelihoods

July 2018 - BLOG
One of the challenges is to share knowledge and lessons between countries and regions.

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