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Second global meeting of the Farmers' Forum
11 - 12 February 2008

The second global meeting of the Farmers' Forum took place on 11 and 12 February 2008 in conjunction with the Thirty-first session of IFAD's Governing Council. The Forum brought together about 80 farmers' leaders from around the world.

During these days the Forum:

  • reviewed progress achieved in enhancing collaboration between IFAD and farmers' and rural producers' organizations
  • discussed IFAD strategic and policy documents
  • shared positions on the following three critical issues for the future of smallholder family agriculture: access to natural resources, climate change, policy making and policy influence
Based on the results of dialogue and discussion, the Farmers’ Forum Steering Committee prepared a synthesis of deliberations, which were then discussed and approved by participants. Estrella Penunia Banzuela, Secretary General, Asian Farmers’ Association for Sustainable Rural Development, read the final synthesis of deliberations on behalf of the Forum to the thirty-first session of IFAD’s Governing Council.



Palazzo dei Congressi, Rome, Italy