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07 February 2020

IFAD invites you to learn about four successful agricultural innovations, each of which demonstrate high potential for being scaled up in projects and programmes. These innovations include state-of-the-art techniques and technologies, specifically geared towards improving productivity. Fields include: seawater greenhouse horticulture, aquaponics, and organic crop production (biologically integrated pistachios and sustainable urban mushrooms).


The event brings together four private sector champions. They will share their personal experiences managing innovative enterprises in climate-smart and environmentally sustainable ways. 


We will hear from Egypt's Bustan aquaponics, whose ecologically-balanced system uses 90% less water than traditional farming practices. We will also learn about London-based Seawater Greenhouse technology, which makes use of abundant resources – seawater, sunlight and degraded land – to produce fresh water and high-quality crops in some of the world’s hottest and driest regions. We also look forward to hearing from PermaFungi, a Brussels-based company that began with the kind of Eureka moment only a really good cup of coffee can inspire: Instead of throwing out used coffee grounds, they put them to work – fertilizing mushrooms. Now, they are reprocessing waste at 100%, as well as creating sustainable jobs and developing the local economy. And lastly, we will learn about a unique tree grafting technique. Developed by Pistachos Ecologicos Ibericos, this technique has made pistachio trees a viable alternative to agricultural crops in dry areas of central Spain.


The guest speakers will also focus on key factors in the project development process, such as project planning, economic feasibility, sustainability and technical effectiveness, as well as challenges encountered. Discussions will cover adaptation needs of such innovations to fit the conditions of smallholder farmers and IFAD target groups.  


Join us via webcast and on social media using #InnovationsInAgriculture.