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A Sustainable Food Future 2018
26 - 27 November 2018

Whose responsibility?

The annual Chatham House Food conference will explore practical solutions to build a more resilient food system and feed the global population sustainably, focusing on the responsibility of key actors in achieving these goals.

IFAD President Gilbert F Houngbo will address participants in the conference’s first session, examining the contemporary landscape of domestic, regional and global food systems, exploring the latest policy developments and assessing potential strategies to enhance resilience across food systems.


Chatham House, London


Building sustainable and resilient cities

October 2018 - NEWS
Held under the theme Better City, Better Life, the UN marks World Cities Day to strengthen cooperation among countries and cities in addressing the challenges of urbanization, while contributing to sustainable urban development.

Food loss reduction: a solution to global hunger?

October 2018 - BLOG
One of the greatest challenges facing humanity today is how to feed an ever growing population.