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Farmers on the Frontline – Resilience and food security in a post-coronavirus world
28 May 2020


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As the COVID-19 virus continues to sweep the world, we are forced to constantly reassess our expectations of both the human and economic costs that it will bring. The world is reaching a point where unilateral decisions by food exporters and falling national revenues could have devastating effects for food-insecure countries. Rural communities in developing countries are hardworking, resourceful and resilient. But they need immediate help to withstand the devastation the pandemic has laid at their doorstep.

  • Rural communities in developing countries are facing potential devastating impacts of COVID-19 to their health, livelihoods and economies.
  • Rural communities that have already benefited from IFAD’s resilience building projects are in a better place to cope with the impacts of COVID-19.
  • We need a strong global multilateral response to ensure that rural people are not left behind.

Moderator: Marie Haga, IFAD Associate Vice-President

Keynote: Terri Sarch, UK Ambassador to the UN in Rome


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