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17 March 2021

In advance of the UN Food Systems Summit, stakeholders from all sectors are convening through Food Systems Summit Dialogues, organized to identify game-changing solutions with transformative potential to achieve sustainable food systems.

17 March 2021

This short and informative webinar will present a geo-spatial climate vulnerability mapping tool developed by GeoAdapt, a project funded by IFAD’s Adaptation for Smallholder Agriculture Programme II.

08 March 2021

Este año, queremos celebrar los enormes esfuerzos que realizan mujeres y niñas en todo el mundo para forjar un futuro más igualitario y recuperarse de la pandemia de la Covid-19.

24 February 2021

Join IFAD, IFPRI and CGIAR for the launch of the Agricultural Investment Data Analyzer tool (AIDA).  

17 - 18 February 2021

Join us on Wednesday and Thursday for the 44th session of the IFAD Governing Council - IFAD’s main decision-making body. The overarching theme this year is rural development: a prerequisite for global resilience.

08 - 12 February 2021
This virtual festival is just one of the events taking place during Indigenous Week (8 to 12 February 2021).  
08 - 12 February 2021
Indigenous Week will host the side events for the fifth global meeting of the Indigenous Peoples’ Forum.
05 February 2021
This virtual meeting will explore innovative models for promoting the social and economic inclusion of rural people.
01 February 2021

Join Action Track 4 as we canvass ideas and create opportunities for you to participate!

25 - 26 January 2021

Our planet is getting warmer, which has a growing impact on our societies and economies. We need to adapt to a new, more extreme climate.

11 January 2021
The One Planet Summit for Biodiversity will gather leaders from around the world to bring concrete and innovative solutions for reducing pressure on nature. 
17 December 2020
Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, food systems around the globe faced notable challenges, including the impacts of climate change and other man-made disasters. 
10 - 11 December 2020

This is the fourth consultation for IFAD’s Twelfth Replenishment (IFAD12).

01 December 2020
The ambition of the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit is to launch a collective journey of transforming our food systems to give us the best possible chance of delivering on the 2030 Agenda.
25 November 2020
Join us for a virtual field visit to an IFAD-funded project in Senegal.
25 November 2020
This event will open the 16 Days of Activism by looking at how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected gender inequalities.
24 November 2020

This seminar intends to promote the sharing of knowledge, experiences and lessons learned on poverty reduction and digitalization through the use of South-South and Triangular Cooperation.

11 - 12 February 2020

The forty-third session, taking place on 11 and 12 February 2020, focuses on the overarching theme – Investing in sustainable food systems to end hunger by 2030. 

06 - 11 February 2020

The Global Farmers’ Forum brings together more than 80 farmers' leaders from around the world, representing millions of smallholders and rural producers, who have interacted with IFAD and partner institutions.

13 December 2021

The fourth session of the IFAD13 replenishment will be co-hosted by France and Angola.