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04 SEP
The COVID-19 pandemic came from the wild and closed down the world – but it has also demonstrated that a rapid global response is possible!
04 September 2020
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26 AUG
World Water Week is organized by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) and takes place between 24 and 28 August.
26 August 2020
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20 AUG

The SicilyFarm Film Festival will be held in August 2020 at the Farm Cultural Park, Favara, Sicily, with the last two nights at the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

19 - 22 August 2020
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22 JUL
This is the reconvened second consultation of IFAD’s Twelfth Replenishment (IFAD12).
22 - 23 July 2020
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14 JUL
Partnering with Indigenous Peoples: Leveraging their knowledge to achieve the SDGs by 2030 while addressing the COVID-19 outbreak
14 July 2020
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10 JUL

Hear from Sir Michael Barber about the Deliverology® methodology and its importance for creating more capable states. 

16 July 2020
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07 JUL
Global Model United Nations 2020 is the second edition of the Global Model United Nations conference, created by students of BA Global Governance, University of Rome Tor Vergata, and organized by students from all the three public Universities of Rome. It is a simulation of the workings of the United Nations, where students don the hats of delegates of various countries and attempt to resolve global issues.
07 - 08 July 2020
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06 JUL

This event will showcase how indigenous peoples’ food systems, knowledge, values and sustainable livelihoods have been essential in responding to the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

16 July 2020
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19 JUN
These two online talks on bridging research and policy responses to COVID-19 will bring together academics and policy-makers to synthetize responses on the most relevant topics for the Rome-based food and agriculture Agencies.
19 June 2020
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16 JUN

This is the second consultation of IFAD’s Twelfth Replenishment (IFAD12). The year-long process typically consists of four main meetings.

16 - 17 June 2020
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11 JUN
Remittances directly impact one billion people: they are sent home by 200 million migrants, an estimated half of whom are women, to help feed, shelter, educate and support the health of 800 million family members. 
16 June 2020
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11 JUN
A conversation between Nobel Laureate Michael Kremer and IFAD president Gilbert Houngbo.
12 June 2020
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29 MAY
On Friday 29 May, IFAD and WEF will host a special event and online briefing with leadership from IFAD and UN Goodwill Ambassadors for IFAD Idris and Sabrina Elba.
29 May 2020
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14 MAY

As COVID-19 continues to sweep the world, we are forced to constantly reassess our expectations of both the human and economic costs that it will bring. The world is reaching a point where unilateral decisions by food exporters and falling national revenues could have devastating effects for food-insecure countries. Rural communities in developing countries are hardworking, resourceful and resilient. But they need immediate help to withstand the devastation the pandemic has laid at their doorstep.

28 May 2020
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08 MAY

This online event will discuss the impacts of COVID-19 on rural communities and small-scale agriculture in developing countries.

08 May 2020
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25 FEB
In 2020, the global community will mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Fourth World Conference on Women and adoption of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action (1995). 
09 - 20 March 2020
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11 FEB

The forty-third session, taking place on 11 and 12 February 2020, focuses on the overarching theme – Investing in sustainable food systems to end hunger by 2030. 

11 - 12 February 2020
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06 FEB

The Global Farmers’ Forum is an on-going, bottom-up process of consultation and dialogue between organizations of smallholder farmers and rural producers from all over the world, IFAD and our Member States.

06 - 11 February 2020
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30 JAN

El 30 de enero el Fondo Internacional de Desarrollo Agrícola de las Naciones Unidas (FIDA), en colaboración con la Universidad EAN, organizan el evento: Lo rural y la juventud: innovación hacia la Agenda 2030 con el objetivo de lanzar el Premio a la Innovación Juvenil Rural de América Latina y del Caribe.

30 January 2020
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16 DEC
Participants will come together at the Annual Meeting to address the most pressing issues on the global agenda.
21 - 24 January 2020
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