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08 APR
Bridging the gap between smallholder farmers and consumers Food systems are often focused on maximizing profits rather than generating income on a sustainable
01 April 2015
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20 MAR
Water lies at the heart of sustainable development and underpins economic growth, poverty reduction and environmental sustainability. It plays an integral part in food and industrial production, human and environmental health, energy security, sustainable urbanization and the ability of rural women and men in developing countries to pursue productive activities.
20 March 2015
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16 MAR
This year's , 9 August, has special significance because it comes just weeks before the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples (), a high-level plenary meeting of the United Nations General Assembly.
09 August 2014
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14 MAR
A two days learning event on "Conservation Agriculture: overcoming the challenges to adoption and scaling-up" took place at IFAD HQs on 13th and 14th January
13 January 2015
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04 MAR
12-13 June 2012, IFAD Headquarters, Rome IFAD's Financial Operations Department, Partnership and Resource Mobilization Office and Office of the General
12 June 2012
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24 FEB
'Bridging the gap' between words and action on indigenous peoples' rights 4 AUGUST 2014 – This year's , 9 August, has special significance because it comes
09 August 2014
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