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17 FEB
In his remarks at the meeting, IFAD President Kanayo F. Nwanze warned of "the price of inaction" in rural areas that are often invisible to the outside world. To transform themselves both economically and socially, he said, these areas must "provide employment, services and opportunities for the 3 billion people who live in them, and particularly for those whose lives depend on smallholder farms."
16 - 17 February 2015
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12 FEB
The second global meeting of the Indigenous Peoples' Forum at IFAD wrapped up this afternoon after two days of deliberations on a range of issues, with a focus on traditional food systems and sustainable development.
12 - 13 February 2015
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25 JAN
IFAD organized an international conference on "New Directions for Smallholder Agriculture" on 24-25 January 2011 in Rome, Italy to discuss the future of some 500 million smallholders.
25 January 2011
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23 DEC
From the 28 November to the 9 December 2011, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) hold their annual Convention of the Parties
01 January 2011
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23 DEC
7 MAY 2013 – Regional and global leaders from business, government and civil society are converging on Cape Town, South Africa this week for the . The
08 May 2013
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19 DEC
Rome, 16-17 May 2007 Background and rationale: Gender equality and women's empowerment have been gaining increasing importance for IFAD – both as objectives
01 January 2007
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