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01 NOV

The 26th UN Climate Change Conference will take place from 1–12 November 2021.

01 - 12 November 2021
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27 OCT

Join IFAD, the Asian Development Bank, ENEL Green Power, FAO and UNDP and others for a dialogue about how tracking results and targeted impact investing can drive the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

27 October 2021
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22 OCT

Precision Farming is transforming the agriculture landscape by supporting farmers with optimal management of agriculture inputs based on site-specific requirements of farm fields and animals, enabling more effective and efficient use of natural, human, and financial resources.

22 October 2021
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19 OCT

Public Development Banks will convene for a second time to reiterate and reinforce their commitments in support of common actions for climate and sustainable development.

19 - 20 October 2021
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15 OCT

15 October is the International Day of Rural Women and, with these Gender Awards, IFAD wants to celebrate women and girls who play a crucial role and contribute to gender transformation and women's empowerment in rural areas.

15 October 2021
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11 OCT

The Committee on World Food Security (CFS) is the foremost inclusive international and intergovernmental platform for all stakeholders to work together to ensure food security and nutrition for all. Using a multi-stakeholder, inclusive approach, CFS develops and endorses policy recommendations and guidance on a wide range of food security and nutrition topics.

11 - 14 October 2021
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07 OCT

This webinar will present the work of the Jaringan Kerja Pemetaan Partisipatif (JKPP - in English: Indonesian Community Mapping Network).

07 October 2021
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30 SEP

In this consultation space for rural youth during the Pre-Cop26 Youth Summit in Milan, we will hear directly from young farmers who are underserved by global climate finance flows.

30 September 2021
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29 SEP

The second session brings together lessons from 2020’s TerraFund, from the World Resources Institute, and 2018’s Smallholder Forestry Vehicle (SPV), from Komaza. Both instruments allow investments in regenerative practices by smallholder farmers.

29 September 2021
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