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Why development is a smart investment even in unstable times

In an age of multiple intersecting crises, only a holistic approach to both humanitarian and development assistance can disrupt the cycle.

Debunking three myths about rural people and the environment

The world is full of misconceptions about rural people and the environment. Find out what’s true and what’s not, as we debunk three major myths.

UN Rural development agency partners with Amundi to issue IFAD’s largest sustainable bond to date

Today IFAD issued its largest private placement (€115 million) to Amundi Asset Management, to increase financing for inclusive and sustainable rural transformation.

Let's raise a glass to South Asia’s dairy farmers

Milk is widely produced in South Asia, but not without its challenges. Here’s how IFAD helps small-scale farmers across the region optimize their production.

A new strategy for a new country: IFAD supports youth in South Sudan

To transform rural lives we must build a strong understanding of the countries we operate in. Find out how IFAD is doing just that in South Sudan.

IFAD President visits Canada, advocating for greater investment in small-scale farming to alleviate global food crises

Today, Alvaro Lario, President of IFAD arrives in Canada to advocate on behalf of small-scale farmers and poor rural communities in developing countries, to be better able to boost local food production, adapt to climate change and build solid and reliable regional food supply chains.

Fighting water scarcity with innovation – Episode 44

This month we are focusing on water scarcity.

Rural people rely on biodiversity. Here's how IFAD protects it

Biodiversity is especially important for small-scale farmers. Here’s how IFAD is further integrating it into projects all over the world.

Rural people make a beeline for prosperity

On World Bee Day, meet the pollinators buzzing to protect our planet and the rural people taking care of them.

Call for tender: Asia and the Pacific Implementation partner for the Smallholder Economic Empowerment through Digital Solutions Project

IFAD intends to allocate grant funds from the resources under the Supplementary Fund Grant from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (MAFRA), Republic of Korea for the implementation of the grant Smallholder Economic Empowerment through Digital Solutions (SEEDs).

Brewing up a better future for Sri Lankan tea farmers

Sri Lanka is among the world’s top five exporters of tea. But tea farmers here must balance making a profit and preserving the soil. Find out how IFAD is helping farmers diversify their income streams so they can be more resilient and secure a better life for themselves.

IFAD project helps preserve the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest and improve communities' lives

IFAD and the government of the state of Maranhão launched today a project that seeks to address the pressing issue of environmental degradation of the Amazon Forest in Maranhão and the high rates of poverty and food insecurity in the region - the “Amazon Sustainable Management Project (PAGES).”

EIB and IFAD deepen collaboration to strengthen food security, climate adaption and expedite project implementation

The European Investment Bank (EIB) and IFAD have today penned two agreements to further strengthen their cooperation in low- and middle-income countries worldwide, with a particular focus on Africa.

La escuela móvil de cocina Miska recorre Bolivia para formar a cientos de jóvenes emprendedores rurales

Miska, palabra quechua que significa “siembra temprana”, es el nombre simbólico de la primera escuela móvil de cocina que ofrecerá una formación integral en gastronomía y habilidades digitales a cientos de jóvenes emprendedores en su recorrido por zonas rurales de Bolivia.

IFAD, GAFSP and WFP announce partnership to support Bhutan’s transition to commercially oriented agroecological farming

IFAD and the Royal Government of Bhutan have signed a loan and grant agreement amounting to US$30.94 million to improve food and nutrition security in Bhutan.

Appel à propositions: Programme mondial pour les petits producteurs agroécologiques et la transformation durable des systèmes alimentaires (GP-SAEP) – Burkina Faso

Le Burkina Faso a été sélectionné comme un des pays bénéficiaires pour la mise en œuvre du GP-SAEP en Afrique, en accord avec les bailleurs.

Appel à propositions: Programme mondial pour les petits producteurs agroécologiques et la transformation durable des systèmes alimentaires (GP-SAEP) – Madagascar

Le Madagascar a été sélectionné comme un des pays bénéficiaires pour la mise en œuvre du GP-SAEP en Afrique, en accord avec les bailleurs.

New IFAD initiative will help reduce global warming by lowering methane emissions from small-scale farming

With sharp reductions in methane emissions key to keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius, IFAD is launching a new initiative to help developing countries lower methane emissions from agricultural and small-scale farming. Announced today at the AIM for Climate Summit, the new program will receive US$3 million in support from the Global Methane Hub and US$ 1 million in support from the US State Department.

Ethiopian farmers set to benefit from climate-smart initiatives

Against a backdrop of multiple shocks, IFAD and the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, today, signed the Participatory Agriculture and Climate Transformation Programme (PACT) grant agreement for US$ 106.54 million.

The sun is the unlikely solution to rural India's water problem

In India, two rural villages find comfort in solar-powered water systems.

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