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IFAD welcomes Canada’s generous contribution to fight hunger and poverty and urges other member states to do the same

IFAD applauds the announcement by the Prime Minister of Canada, today, at the G7 in Puglia, to commit CA$100 million to IFAD’s 13th replenishment, to support the world’s poorest rural populations in its 2025-2027 programme of work.

Digital remittances reduce poverty and drive rural transformation by connecting millions of ‘unbanked’ women and men, new IFAD-authored G20 report reveals

In celebration of the International Day of Family Remittances on 16 June, the G20’s Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI) has today unveiled a new report that provides evidence of the transformative impact of digital remittances, as a driver of financial inclusion and poverty reduction worldwide.

14 reasons why remittances are important

Remittances continue to matter more than ever, particularly in rural areas where they count the most and provide further opportunities towards rural transformation. Here are 14 reasons why.

IFAD, IOM Celebrate Vital Role of Remittances in Nepal’s Development

IFAD and the International Organization for Migration (IOM), as well as the Resident Coordinator’s Office, celebrated the International Day of Family Remittances (IDFR) in Kathmandu yesterday.

Harnessing diversity for agricultural resilience – Episode 61

With the right support, every rural person can rise above challenges and drive development. From Malawi to Brazil, hear from the farmers rewriting the agricultural narrative.

Restoring ecosystems from the ground up

Dwindling water sources and severe droughts are degrading soils. But it’s not too late to restore ecosystems – if rural people take the lead.

Africa Fertilizer and Soil Health Summit: A Catalyst for Change in African Agriculture

The African continent loses a staggering US$4 billion worth of soil nutrients annually due to erosion. This loss affects over 485 million people and threatens food security. To address this major challenge and obstacle to feed its growing population, the African Union (AU) convened the Africa Fertilizer and Soil Health (AFSH) summit in May, in Nairobi Kenya.

El FIDA y el Grupo BID estrechan lazos de colaboración en favor de la población rural e indígena de América Latina y el Caribe

El FIDA y el Grupo Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (Grupo BID) firmaron hoy un memorando de entendimiento para reforzar el apoyo que brindan a la población rural e indígena de América Latina y el Caribe, especialmente en la Amazonía.

El FIDA reafirma su compromiso con los productores de papa en América Latina

Con motivo del primer Día Internacional de la Papa, el FIDA ha reafirmado hoy su compromiso de seguir invirtiendo en los productores de papa en América Latina con el fin de preservar este recurso natural, cultural e identitario, que juega un papel clave en la lucha contra el hambre y la malnutrición en todo el mundo.

Supporting farmers with disabilities in Uganda

Ugandan farmer, Fred Ouma, lost his sight ten years ago. Unable to contribute to his family, Fred became depressed, and his family suffered.

How diverse crops create a safety net for Solomon Islanders

Bringing back dietary diversity is crucial to building resilience and ensuring Solomon Islanders can always access enough nutritious food, even in times of crisis.

IFAD delegation visits Rwanda to discuss rural development gains

A high-level delegation from IFAD, led by Vice-President Gérardine Mukeshimana, visited Rwanda this week to discuss the country’s progress in developing rural areas and the investments needed to continue to promote inclusive and sustainable agricultural growth.

Media advisory: China-IFAD SSTC Facility to showcase climate-smart solutions at upcoming event

IFAD and the China-IFAD South-South and Triangular Cooperation Facility are co-organizing a virtual and in-person event on Wednesday, 29 May, to highlight proven and cost-efficient solutions to climate change's effects.

When it comes to protecting biodiversity, we must all do our part

Biodiversity in all its forms has transformative power – protecting it requires a whole-of-society approach, in which we all play our part.

From bees to trees: bringing nature back into agriculture – Episode 60

To celebrate World Biodiversity Day, we explore how rural communities are making farming green again. Tune in to hear from a young Zimbabwean and global conservation leaders.

Meet the young rural people bringing back bees

From Tanzania to Tajikistan, rural youth are combining tradition with modern techniques to build sustainable livelihoods on an ancient delicacy: honey.

Senegal launches Africa Integrated Climate Risk Management Programme to support smallholder farmers

The Government of Senegal, in partnership with several international organizations including FAD, officially launched the Africa Integrated Climate Risk Management Programme (AIRCM) today.

Proyecto reforzará la resiliencia climática de más de 250.000 personas en el estado brasileño de Ceará

El FIDA, el BNDES y el Gobierno del Estado de Ceará presentaron hoy en Fortaleza un proyecto que reforzará la resiliencia climática de más de 250.000 personas en 72 municipios del estado de Ceará.

6 ways IFAD is helping to prevent the next pandemic

Given the complex interconnections between the health of animals, people and the planet, how can we prepare ourselves for the next pandemic? Here’s how IFAD’s investments are helping.

IFAD and Japan’s Yokohama City partner for key global food security events

IFAD and Yokohama City, Japan, announced today in Rome their partnership to collaborate on two crucial upcoming global food security events: TICAD9, the 9th Tokyo International Conference on African Development, in 2025; and GREEN×EXPO 2027.